Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are reoffered to all of us as a sudden feel of heat over the body. Sometimes it caused in some parts
of the body, sometimes it sensed in the entire body. This problem is mainly shown up in the by the woman. The
reason of this problem is the transient dilation of blood vessels of skin. It is veteran by the woman during
menopause. It is also known as night sweats and hot flushes. This is the sign of changing hormone.

The hot flash problem is mainly shown by the seating. It is also shown to all of us by the high heart beat. In
most of cases the seating are coming from the neck and face. This problem probably stays for two minutes to 30
minutes in per occurrence. This during this totally depends on how strong the woman is. This problem starts from
different time. Sometimes it starts 2 years before of menopause sometimes it begins one week before the time when
the menopause starts. After starting we reduce in a slow rate before the menopause. On the basis of duration it can
be divided into two parts. The first one is slow hot flashes which take quite long time. Another one is ember hot

The encountered of this problem is younger woman. More definitely we can say that who has expectation of
menstruation soon. Now let’s find out how a woman can saves them from this problem. The firs way is the replacement
of hormone. It is a very good way to solve this problem because it is mainly hormone based problem. SERMs category
drugs are also very helpful to save a woman from this problem. Ginseng and flaxseed are some ways to solve this
problem. Changing life style like leaving to take caffeine food can save the younger woman from this problem.

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