High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a medical condition. This is also known as hypertension or HTN. It caused when the blood
presser of systemic arterial is increased. There are mainly two type of high blood presser, one is primary blood
presser. In 90-95% cases it founds that a person is affected by the primary high blood presser. The remaining 5-10%
of cases of high blood pressure is known as secondary high blood pressure which is the cause of other conditions
like endocrine, kidneys and heart.

High blood pressure has several risks. Brain stroke and heart failure are the most dangerous among all of
others. Other risks of hypertension are myocardial infarction. It sometimes becomes the cause of chronic kidney

There are mainly four types of high blood presser is available. These are normal (90-119 mmHg), Prehypertension
(120-139mmHg), stage 1 (140-159 mmHg), stage 2 (>160). There is another type of high blood presser is available
which is known as Isolated systolic hypertension (>140). These types are found on American Heart Association

Now lets talk about some signs and symptoms of high blood presser. For the primary blood presser affected people
the sign are different for adult and children. Adults found the problem like drowsiness, headache, nausea, vision
disorder and vomiting. All of these of these are referred as hypertensive encephalopathy. For the children the
signs of high blood presser is like lack of energy, seizures, thrive and difficulty breathing. Some other signs for
children are like nosebleeds, fatigue, facial paralysis etc. For the secondary high blood presser affected people
the signs are founds like, weight loss, reddening of the palms.

The main cause of this problem is tension or more indicating we can say stress. If the person has too much
weight that is another cause of high blood presser. Taking too much alcohol, salt is another cause of high blood
Taking regular exercise and have a diet food can save a person from this problem.

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