Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure

Hangover refers to a psychological condition. Actually describes some very unpleasant psychological condition.
This condition is created only for the reason of heavy consumption of alcohol. It causes different types of
physical problem also.

At first lets find the reasons behind the hangover. Taking ethanol is the main problem of hangover. It breaks
lever enzymes so the victims normal food chain system in the body breaks down. It causes different types of problem
in human body. The problem is this problem increase the phobia of vomiting. The victim faces different types of
problems also. Like dehydration. Fatigue, headache, diarrhea. It also makes a person so much weak. It also becomes
the cause of many psychological problems. Like anxiety irritability etc.

Now the victim of this problem it is do something to which is also known as hangover cure. It is quite time
consuming thing the person needs to give sometime to solve the problem. The first cure is taking rest. The victim
must need to take enough rest to solve the problem. Sleep is the way of taking rest for these victims. The person
needs to keep himself in quite cold place. For that the person needs to take shower some for more times then he
takes normally.

Then the person needs to change his food habit. The person needs to take the food which contains enough
vitamins. Mineral rich fish are specially suggestion for them.

Instead of taking alcohol the person needs to intake different juices. The juice which is containing vitamin C
like organ juice is the first priority for them.

The last suggestion for the victim of hangover is taking regular exercise. This will make the person enough
strong in physically. And then the person needs to take different meditation to save him psychologically.

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