Gag Reflex

Gag Reflex

Gag reflex is the back of the throat. It is also known as the pharyngeal rifle. It is also very helpful part
like other body parts. It is there for the reason of prevent from entering anything without swallowing. Different
people have different sensibility in gag reflex.

Let?s find out how it is linked with the other body parts. It is mainly linked with the gastrological nerve
which is also known as cranial nerve IX. This gastrological nerve liked with nucleus solitaries and also with the
spinal trigeminal nucleus. It is also linked with efferent limb. These nerves send the message about the gag reflex
to the vagus nerve which is known as cranial nerve.

This small element of the body is so much important for a human. We already discuss that how this gag reflex is
linked with the whole body, now let?s find out how important it really is. There are many bad damage can happen if
the gag reflex is destroyed. If something happens to this gag reflex then glossopharyngeal nerve is destroyed. it
also could be the cause of harm of vagus nerve if the gag reflex is affected. The final result could be the death
of the victim. In some research it is found that almost one third of total people do not have gag reflex.

Now lets described gag reflex. It has different parts. These are hard palate, soft palate, Urula, Tonsil and
tongue. Hard plate is staying in the front side of roof of mouth. Normally it is hard to see. The next part is soft
plate, it is easy to see. It is at the back side of mouth. The next urula is trigger shape soft body extra type
hanging body part. Next the tonsil is stayed at the both side of urula and tongue is using for taking the taste of

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