Fight a Cold

Fight a Cold

It is almost a normal that, in a cold season a person is caught by cold at least for one time. It is a very
painful disease, and the victim of this problem is not being able to do any work frequently. This cold almost
destroys the regular routine of person?s personal life.

Now there are several ways are available to save a person from this problem. The first thing a person needs to
understand that how he can be affected by this cold. Yes, it?s true that a person is affected by cold for different
viruses, but these viruses are come into the tough of human body only in special places. Like, the place which is
full with dust is very helpful for cold viruses. So, to save himself a person should not be go to those dusty

But even if the person is not go into those he also can be affected by this viruses. So, in those moments the
victim needs to do several works to save him from this problem. Different vitamins have the ability to fight
against cold. Vitamin C is best from those vitamins. The victim also needs to take lot of fluids. Zinc foods are
also effective in cases. One of the best cures for the victim in this case is green tea. It helps a lot to keep the
body fit. Green tea is very useful to fight against cold.

In some research it is also found that mental stress is also a great cause behind the cold. So, to fight against
cold a person should need to reduce his mental stress. Keep a person in full rest can save a person from the mental
stress and at the same time from the cold. But, if the pain cold is goes on top condition then the victim must need
to go to doctor for proper treatment.

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