Essential Tremor

Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is a neurological disorder which is gradually progressive. It is most of the
recognized when people are going for eating or writing. This problem is also known as “kinetic tremor”. This
problem also occurs in jaw, neck and voices at the same time other body regions.

The problem starts to occur in hand at first then it starts to spreads in other parts of
the body. This is the most common problem of most of the people of the world. In most of the cases it has found
that whenever a person becomes aged they are facing this problem. Obviously this is a serious problem which creates
lots of problems in our daily life.

Now lets look at the reasons behind the problem. True is the actual reason behind this problem
is still unknown to the scientist. But the scientist assumes that this occurs due to a genetic transformation and
the prototype of legacy is most consistent with dominant transmission. It is also assumed that a number of
environmental factors also play a role behind the tremor in hand or in other parts of the body. For example the
toxic in different sources can be the cause of this problem. Though it is under investigation for insuring how much
this toxic can influence of this problem.

Lets find out the ways to find out symptoms of this problem. At first this problem starts to
show when a person falls in trouble. When the person has too much mental stress it is found that the person, hands
and jaw is shaking. It is the beginning. After that it becomes to normally start to shake the hand when the person
is going for eat and write. After that this problem is start to spread up all throw the other parts of the

Finally it is important to say that though this problem is not explored to world properly, so
its solving way is not still clear to all. But it says that meditation is a good way to solve the problem.


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