Health Issues

Health Issues

Health becomes a great issue of this world. It is matter of great concern for world. Day by day though the
technology improves but still in many areas of world people are have the great bad condition of health.

Now lets see the sum of health condition of the world. As we said before, that technology is improved but many
people are not getting the proper help of it. For example almost one billion people of this world who live s around
us do not have the access to health care system. Only by cardiovascular diseases is the reason of death of 17.5
million people in 2005. Most of them are from middle income country. More sad news is more the 11 million children
are died from malnutrition that is under age of 5. It will be sadder to know that it is the most preventable
diseases of the world.

The problem of infection disease is also increase day by day. From example almost 3.4 million people are living
with HIV. 2.7 million People have new infection of HIV. It already breaks down in India, China, Myanmar and many of
African countries. Who says after knowing this data that HIV is the most dangerous infection of the world? Malaria
is the reason of more than 300 million discriminating illness and almost 1 million deaths, annually.

Now we already know what condition of world health issue is. To save from this problem people needs to use his
technology more efficiently. We already know that most preventable diseases are become the reason of death of many
people. That proves that people needs to expand all of his equipment perfectly.

Finally it is important to say that, to save the people from this health concern related things then it is very
important to take the necessary steps just now.

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