Live Longer

Live Longer

Death is the invincible truth of human life. No one can avoid death. But people always want to avoid it. People
want to live longer. Life expectancy is increasing every year. Nowadays women are living up to 79.9 years while men
are living up to 75 years. Due to advanced medical science and people consciousness about heath made it possible to
live longer.

There are few basic rules that increase your life span. To increases it first of all you need to laugh. Laugh
from heart. Laugh makes your heart strong. Dr William Fry. Research shows lowers levels of stress hormones, and
heightens the activity of the body’s natural defensive killer cells and antibodies.

Get enough sleep is also required. People who sleeps 6-7 hours a day lives longer than who live 8 hours or more
and hours or less.

You also need to take regular physical exercise to keep fit. So walk, run and jump. You don’t necessarily go to
gym. You can do this sort of exercise by yourself. Fit women have 40% less chance of falling into heart diseases.
You need to eat a balanced diet. Eating too much or eating less both will harmful for health. Dont eat junk food.
Try to eat as much vegetable you can because they cause no harm to your body.

Try to be stress and tension free. These things are closely related to heart and mental diseases. Always be in
free mood. Dont take stress and work overload. Listening soft music is also helpful to live long

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