Needles and Cannulas

Needles & Cannulas

Cannula is a huge tube that assists in the drainage of blood from the body and helps it to return to the body.
It is also known as a catheter .Generally needles are something which are used in various cases, such as medical
use, geography, crafting, botany and even in music. In case of medical, the most commonly used needles are
Hypodermic needles which is a void needle attached to syringe to inject substances into the body. Besides this,
there is another needle to administer catheter. Special needles are used in acupuncture. Acupuncture is complex
process which s about inserting needles into various parts of the body and manipulating those to alleviate the

Cannula usually comes up with a Trocar inside it that allows piercing the body which is aimed at getting into
the projected place. There are in total eleven various types of Cannulas: Bias Grind, Lancet Point, Deflected
point, Closed-End Consistent Wall etc. A number of Cannulas are used to execute cardiopulmonary bypass which is
done in cardiac surgery. Another important one is Nasal Cannula which is a like a tubing and it runs under the
patient’s nose. It is used in administering oxygen.

There are various complications in the Cannulation procedure and these can cause vein some new problems. These
threats include hematoma, infiltration, phlebitis and embolism. A Cannula is being used in emergency process to get
rid off strain and swelling in cattle which is due to most obvious accidental scraping flaccid legume . These are
also a tool applied in putting in the Verichip. Apart from this, in the biological researches one kind of push-pull
Cannulas being used to inject and extract fluid, as it determines the impact of a specific chemical on a cell.
These stuffs are to be used under robust conditions.

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