Fear of Cancer

Fear of Cancer

Human has a common problem. That is all of them have some kind of fear in their life. These types of fear always like to make some kind of problem in their life. But these are not like to leave a human. Now, when a fear grows based on a disease then the fear attached with the mind of the people. That is why when a person is affected by this problem then everyone becomes so afraid about that. Cancer is such as that type of disease, of which everyone has some type of fear.

Lets find out at first how the fear of cancer attached with human mind. At very past cancer was so unknown to the world. When it is found out people understood that it spread out all over the world. This was a disease that at that moment doctors or scientist does not find any type of solution about this disease.

That is why if any person of this world was affected by this problem then the victim did not have any chance to be alive for a long time. After a certain period the entire victim found the road of dead. The fear about cancer attached with the human mind from that time.

Now, after passing time science has invented many things, treatment of cancer is also one of that. Though if it goes in the final condition then it is hard to recover the problem but if the cancer is found out at the beginning level then it is possible to recover the problem. But the problem is most of the people are not aware about this. So their fear is still is attached with their mind.

After all the upper discussion we found out the fear is still in human mind only because of they are not aware about the treatment of cancer.

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